I'm Gary.

I served my baking apprenticeship 35 years ago on the very premises that my family and I spent nine months renovating in 2015 to create our new business, 221B - that's "two twenty one b”. We're an artisan bakery and bistro in Framlingham, Suffolk.


Our passion goes in to producing fresh, handmade breads and patisserie on the premises every day. We also produce breakfasts, lunches and tapas, along with a range of beverages from Italian coffees to fine wines.

It’s a real family affair with mum, dad, son and daughter working together.

We 💙Local

We use locally-sourced ingredients where ever possible to craft our products because we believe this delivers the best tastes, textures and smells and, as a local business, we believe in helping other local businesses in the community.

We 💙 Good4Me

We believe that healthy food should be easily available and affordable, and that's why we developed our "Good4Me" range, which we’re really proud of. Wherever you see the Good 4 Me slogan you will know that product has been specifically designed for a healthier lifestyle. This ranges from blended non-wheat flours to create gluten free produce, smoked salmon for breakfast, salads for lunch, a fantastic range of infused teas to have with your afternoon scone or tea-cake, and fine olive and sesame oils with tapas for that after work snack, you can even enjoy soya milk with your latte!

We 💙 Europe

We admire the continental approach to bakeries. They are far more than just a pickup point for fresh bread. In Barcelona, they are a place to have cognac and donuts, in Nice they are a place to sit down and stop for a healthy, affordable lunch with a carafe of local wine and in Milan they're a place to catch up with friends over fine Italian coffee.

We’re in love with this culture, and so we wanted to bring it home with us. That's why we see ourselves as a continental bakery & bistro. We believe Framlingham will appreciate this culture as much as we do.

See you soon.

Open from 6:30 weekdays

We're open from 6:30 in the week to help you get your day started. At weekends we're open from 7:30 on Saturdays & 8:30 on Sundays.

We're open until 17:00 Monday to Wednesday, but from Thursday to Saturday we're open until 19:00 - so you can drop in for early evening tapas. On Sundays we close as 16:00.

We know you'll enjoy drinking and dining in our modern, quirky setting. Myself, Jay, Ash, Brooke and our excellent team of staff look forward to serving you soon.